Financial Guidance

Financial Guidance

For many owners, rental property is simply one part of their investment portfolio. Because of this, many property owners don’t realize the full benefits of their investment. MSP Home Rental is working to change that by offering unlimited guidance on how to make your investment work for you.

Take full advantage of tax benefits

We’ll help you understand Minnesota’s tax code, and explain how you might be able to turn even a modest property income into impressive savings on your taxes.

Make life easier for your accountant

With more than a decade of experience in the world of financial planning, we understand the importance of good record keeping. We’ll keep a record of every dollar collected and spent, and provide you with an annual statement that can be handed directly to your accountant. It’ll contain everything they need to know, and save you from the hassle of keeping your own meticulous records.

Look to the future of your investments

As part of our FREE service, we’ll meet with you once or twice a year to catch up and address any additional financial questions you may have. We can discuss where you want to be in the future financially, and help you determine the best way to get there. Sometimes that means holding on to your current properties, but it could also mean upgrading, looking into additional properties or, if the market is right, even selling your existing ones. So even if it means ending your partnership with us, we’ll always point you in the direction that’s best for you. That’s just good service.

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